Website Design

Chicago Web Design Site creates websites that are designed from the beginning with the end goal in mind. If your a service based company, you need to have a website that will not just “sell” your message, but but good enough to be ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other various search engines to achieve ranking under the keywords that match your business. This will lead to new visitors learning about your services.

Like wise with selling online, an e-commerce website needs to be designed and developed not only to allow that sale of your product, but to be built in a manner that gives you the best chance to build rankings… that leads to traffic, (web visitors) and ultimately sales.

At Chicago Web Design, we will guide and advise you on what your site should both look like, and how it should function. We don’t simply take your ideas and build what you ask for, here at Chicago Web Design we will tell you “No” when we know an idea will not help the goals of your site.

We feel our job is to deliver a site that will accomplish your goals, not simply to build your site to your satisfaction.

Our web development process consists of three phases: Design, Develop, and Deliver. Each phase is distinct in purpose and results-oriented. We work with you to complete the tasks and deliverables phase-by-phase.

In this phase we gather all relevant information, ideas, and concepts that are crucial to launching a successful online product. These include business, sales, and technical needs that must be assessed and addressed.

Once the core concepts for the site are agreed upon, a feature list, information design, and sample visual designs to help envision the main parts of the site with regards to their look-and-feel and functions across the website.

In this phase we begin to execute on the Development plan – creating all page graphics and design elements necessary to bring the visual component of the website to life. This phase also consists of a series of code roll outs where functionality is built and tested in an alpha and beta release so that error checking and quality assurance testing can be performed.

Once we have gone through a series of review and revision cycles both visually and technically, we prepare the site for delivery to the server and final testing prior to launching live.

We do a final series of quality assurance tests and content audits to make sure all information, features, and functions are as designed. We prepare the site for going live and set a date for launch.

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