The Benefits Of Website Leasing

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Website Leasing is a great way for small business owners to take  advantage of getting their small business website online quickly while  not using all of their capital in up-front payments in the process.

Some Of  The Benefits of Small Business Website Leasing

  • Leasing a website allows you to spend less capital and utilize your capital for other business expenses, saving you money.
  • Leasing a website saves you time. When you see a site that is available for lease, you are bypassing what can be a multi-week process of designing and building the website.
  • Leasing a website can give you Flexible End of Term Options. Renew your  lease, purchase your website or cancel your service and walk away. No  strings attached. Chicago Web Design Site has many leasing options including 6 month, 12 month and 24 month leases. The longer the lease term, the lower the monthly payments.

How It Works

Just  like leasing a car, a small busines website lease agreement allows you  to have a professional, search engine optimized CMS website built for  your company now while giving you the opportunity to pay for it over  time. At the end of your lease agreement you are given the opportunity  to purchase your site and continue hosting it with your service  provider.

How Much Does it Cost?

Different websites have different values, and that’s why each site will have its own fee structure. Contact Chicago Web Design Site for more information.

What is a CMS Website?

Content Management System (CMS) is used to allow for fast updates with out the need for knowledge of HTML or other web languages. CMS platforms are web based, meaning no software is needed on your computer. If you have internet access, and the user name and password, you can make updates to your website if it has CMS installed.

Why Is Search Engine Friendly So Important?

As  a small business owner you should realize that 90% of people who use  the internet use search engines to find what they’re looking for online.  Your business needs an online presence to allow your audience to find  you quickly and easily.

For a more information about website leasing and a list of sites that are currently available visit the website leasing page on Chicago Web Design

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