Pay-per-click, also know as PPC is the practice of paying a search engine to display your advertising message when a web visitor types in a keyword or keywords that you have selected. For example, if your a dentist in Chicago, you could pay to have your ads displayed when a web visitor types in “Chicago Dentist” The cost of the ads have many factors, mostly the amount of other advertisers and how much they are willing to pay. So its essentially a bidding war amongst your follow advertisers.

Is PPC worth doing? This is a good question. Each client we work with we have to evaluate your business, and what keywords would bring you the right potential customer. Them we need to determine what the estimated costs, and estimated traffic volume is or would be. Then add in for all the unknowns and throw in a pinch of salt and we will tell you what your solution is.

If you cant tell yet… let us be clear. PPC can be great for some business, and not so great for others. If you want a real honest opinion, with straight answers your in the right place. Call us at 800-593-3150 or better yet, fill out our FREE Quote request form and we’ll take a look and let you know our opinion about your unique PPC situation.