Content Management Systems

Content management systems (CMS) allow a website manager with little or no HTML skills to easily make changes to website text and add images on pages of the website. Chicago Web Design Site increasingly sees use cases in which a business owner benefits from self-management of web content, whether to keep company news up to date or keeping staff pages current.

Content management systems can be incorporated into existing websites or can be part of the project scope of your new website design. Depending on your specific needs one of several Content Management Systems may be appropriate; we work closely with our clients to define their objectives before recommending the specific web content manager to implement.

When evaluating your need for a CMS, consider the following:

  • Do you simply need to add/ edit/ delete content a few times a year, or do you need to add new pages to the website navigation frequently? Different CMS can be implemented to function at either of these levels and many in between.
  • Do you or a staff member have time in your workday to take on maintenance of website content, or would you prefer to outsource this maintenance to a website design professional? If you and your staff are already overloaded, you may wish to outsource routine maintenance.
  • Will your website have many images and correspondingly different layouts on various pages of the site? If yes, the appropriate CMS may require that you become familiar with basic HTML to create the desired page display.
  • If considering a blog application that includes CMS functionality, do you or a staff member have the natural aptitude for writing and the time to make several entries a week, in order to reap the best results from your blog entries and search engine “lift” that can follow them? If no, you may wish to learn more about our blog content maintenance services.