Chicago Web Design & Google Doc’s

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As users of Google Docs for years now, here as Chicago Web Design Site, we setup all of our clients with Google Docs. It generally takes a few months… or sometimes a year or two before we hear back from our client that they are taking full advantage of the convenience and security of keeping […]

The Benefits Of Website Leasing

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Website Leasing is a great way for small business owners to take  advantage of getting their small business website online quickly while  not using all of their capital in up-front payments in the process. Some Of  The Benefits of Small Business Website Leasing Leasing a website allows you to spend less capital and utilize your […]

Google Apps for small business

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We LOVE Google Apps, and encourage all of our clients to make the switch. Most of our clients take advantage of the email/Gmail part of Google apps, but there are some amazing features that you can start using to help manage your small or medium sized business. Take 7 minutes, and watch this video, it […]

Google Apps Gmail

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Google Apps is the private-label version of Google’s Web-based office suite. The “from” address on your e-mail is your own domain, rather than

Google Docs

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Google Docs is a web-based suite for word processing, presentation building (similar to PowerPoint), spreadsheets, and web forms. All the work is done in a web browser, and all the data is saved in the cloud. The software can be a bit quirky at times, which may frustrate users of more stable products like Microsoft […]

Google Calendar

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Google Calendar provides an efficient and intuitive way to keep appointments and events synced across your entire business. With calendar sharing and permissions (similar to those in Docs), you can add other employees’ calendars to your own, and vice versa, in order to see and manage the big picture of your team’s time. For example, […]

Google Sites

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Google Sites is a drag-and-drop web development tool that you can use within your business’s apps to create online information hubs for employees. The websites you create exist within your Google Apps domain, can be public or private, and permissions for employees to add, change, and contribute information can be set from the main account. […]

Google Groups

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Google Groups have long been public forums where users across the web gather to discuss specific interests or get technical support. Groups for business brings that same functionality into your private internal network. E-mail can sometimes be cumbersome when coordinating a team. When you need a central space to collect ideas and share documents (but […]